The Serpent

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Season 3 Episode 23 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

In what appears to be an episode that involves brainwashing using cable TV (more a reality then an X-File!), we actually learn a lot about the dark side. Scully succumbs to the brainwashing when watching evidence tapes, and spends most of the episode tripped out hiding at her mums with her gun trained on Mulder, while Mulder gets all the information about the case from a new unknown source.

Good old cover up and conspiracies are the game when Mulder takes a device he found connected to every victims cable connection to the Lone Gunmen, who discover a hidden non-visible transmission going on. When Scully goes loopy and disappears Mulder has a choice to make. Either ID the body of someone thought to be Scully, or go after those responsible and learn the truth.

He chooses Scully, and after a silence of hesitation and regret – he goes to ID her body, luckily it’s not her. In the meantime, he chases down the leads hoping it’s not too late when the last remains suspects of the conspiracy are gunned down – by Mr X. Mr X informs Mulder his orders were to always kill them, hoping Mulder would get to them first and reveal the truth. Mulder gets a little pissed off and calls Mr X a coward for not just exposing the truth himself.

Finally, Mr X meets with the smoking man (it seems he has a hand in everything!), showing us for the first time these two are playing on the same team, and informs him all sources have been eliminated. Smoking man knows there is another source talking to Mulder… Mr X claims he does not know who this is. Factoid of the episode: Mulder is red\green colour blind.

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