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Talitha Cumi

Season 3 Episode 24 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

(Two part episode; part 1)
\r\nOnce again, we come to the end of a season. The season 3 final has it all, and in the true X-Files spirit, advances the story somewhat further into confusion and mystery. Mulder’s mother becomes ill, after meeting with the Smoking man at the Mulder’s’ summer home, this information finds it’s way back to Fox thanks to Mr X – who happened to be lurking in the bushes with a camera. This conversation proves the two have history… perhaps even more then we thought – fun memories as Cancer man puts it.

This of course isn’t reciprocated when Mrs Mulder corrects him in colourful words. Mr X happens to be there when Mulder’s mum collapse and has a stroke, calling the ambulance and rescuing her. Mulder seems to act as if he’s gained a little trust for Mr X for this.. assuming he had nothing to do with her hospitalization in the first place. Meanwhile, we have one… or two changeling’s running around town healing people with their bare hands, one of which is captured by the Smoking man – informing him that he’s risking everything, especially the project. The changeling changes into… Deep Throat! Though this actually isn’t Deep Throat, it’s nice to know they’ve not forgotten about him since he died in the season 1 final.

The reason for this changing into Deep Throat was to remind the Smoking man of the cost his work pays. Meanwhile, changeling number two is entering the building… and changes into… that’s right folks, the bounty hunter! I forgot they have the ability to change form, suggesting they were bounty hunters all along. Mulder’s mum gives him a clue in hospital to locate something, something Smoking man was looking for. The alien weapon – an ice pick type metal tube that pieces out a sharp blade. Mr X asks Mulder to hand it over, but that doesn’t go to well and we see Mulder and Mr X having an epic battle in the car park. Mulder puts the pieces together and the first mention of ‘colonisation’ is said.

They draw at the fight and Mr X promises Mulder that one way or another, he’s a dead man. Now remember that the alien’s in the previous episodes all looked alike? Well there’s no exception here. One such alien escapes from Smoking man’s custody and seeks Scully to give her information about the project and Samantha’s location.

Meanwhile, Mulder gets news that his mother may never wake up, and a rather emotional moment brews where we actually see Mulder cry for the first time too. The Smoking confesses to Mulder that he’s known his mother since before Fox was born, and Scully meets with an alien that looks like all the other men on their investigation, but this one has information, in a secret meeting outside of town, Mulder asks the man (alien!) to help his mother.. but they are interrupted by the arrival of the bounty hunter! End of part 1 and it couldn’t leave on more of a cliffhanger, I haven’t picked up season 4 yet!

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