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Season 4 Episode 1 Paranormal Movements: 2 Love Moments: 0

(Two part episode; part 2)

Part two, the beginning to season 4 gets off to a delightful start with the intro tag stating ‘Everything Dies’. Mulder takes on a bounty hunter for the first time… managing to stab on in the back of the neck, and witnesses green acid like goo pouring from the wound.

However we learn that after a while, the bounty hunter gets back up! Mulder once again gets taken to see some evidence of the bigger picture but looses his source to the bounty hunter, and Scully manages to get some real evidence about something much bigger going on to do with small pox. Meanwhile, Smoking man realises he was photographed visiting Mrs Mulder, and places a leak in the works to see where the information is going – Mr X falls for it, informing Scully that Mrs Mulder is in great danger. As a result.. Mr X is gunned down in Mulder’s apartment, but doesn’t die quickly, for he has time to write the letters ‘SRSG’ in Blood. Eventually Mulder feels he’s getting closer to the truth when the alien he’s with promises to take him to see Samantha.

Indeed we do meet a girl working in a field, but she looks the same age as when she was taken. He then see’s many other clones of this girl, all looking the same, no one speaks. Mulder comes to terms with knowing that Samantha must still be alive, since she’s been used to make clones, but gets disturbed by the Bounty hunter again after throwing a bee hive at him. This is also the first time we get the reference of Bee’s being used in colonisation. After jumping from a phone box before a spectacular crash, he returns without the alien – we don’t know what happened to him.

Mulder and Scully share a deep sad moment when Mulder cries again, but at the end we learn the Smoking man calls the bounty hunter into Mrs Mulder’s hospital room – to heal her, stating that the fiercest enemy is a man with nothing to loose, and given how crucial Mulder is the the project, they must keep in in check. So Mrs Mulder wake up from her stroke. So with Mr X dead, Mrs Mulder awake, and a few more clues revealed… who knows what will happen, but the story is certainly picking up!

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