The Serpent

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Season 4 Episode 4 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

It’s been a while since Scully got herself kidnapped by a raving psychopath who enjoys to torture people for all the wrong reasons. So in this episode, she does. Mostly an episode which sees Chris Carter exercising his ‘CSI’ skills when the pair of FBI agents are the tail of a killer who’s leaving photo’s of his victims deaths at the place where they were last scene – thing is, the pictures are there before he’s even killed them yet. There’s very little effort to make this episode paranormal with Mulder briefly muttering the words ‘photo-telepathy’ and then coming up with some theory that the bad guy stalks his victims and can project his will onto a camera nearby… hence why they always come out looking rather gory. Still, Scully manages to get kidnapped on the way to the car, tied to a chair and about to have her ‘howlers’ removed through the eye socket when Mulder puts all the pieces together, busts in and shoots the bad guy. It’s a pretty standard episode with all the X-Files stuff taken out.

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