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The Field Where I Died

Season 4 Episode 5 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

When an episode starts off with Mulder doing a voice over, you know something good is going to happen. Well this episode surely took me by surprise! It starts off in what seems to be a bog standard raid on some strange church\temple place where they may be hiding a load of weapons.

The raid doesn’t go too well since no weapons are recovered and the main man is missing. However something strange comes over Mulder, he walks outside to a field.. heads straight to a spot and uncovers a bunker where the man and one of his followers are hiding. This is slightly strange, but other then that, everything seems pretty standard. Until very quickly the episode turns into something much more paranormal.

When speaking to one of the suspects who was arrested in the church, Mulder tries his usual deep sleep hypnosis to help trigger some memories of the person who suffers from multiple personality syndrome (point of interest, Scully refers to this as a condition that has no scientific basis, and widely believed to not even be a mental disorder… how things have changed since 1994!), but one such personality see’s them going back to a nurse serving in the American civil war during 1863.. rather an odd personality for a 25 year old woman to posses, until she starts recalling names and places with uncanny accuracy. She tells of the field where the federal’s stormed the troops, killing anyone in their way and how the field lay full of bodies dead or dying, and Mulder was one of them. Mulder instantly puts two and two together, recalling the strange feelings of recognition he felt standing in the field in Tennessee and goes under the hypno-therapist’s spell.. with creepy results.

He recalls some strange things, a yellow road, Samantha being his son, Scully as the sergeant, and the Smoking man as the evil American federal, but then he recalls his name – Sullivan Biddle, and the Nurses name Sara. Scully checks with the national birth records only to find there was a man named Sullivan in that town – and in that battle, who died on the field where the church was. The picture also shows a man from 1860 in uniform.. with a strange resemblance to Mulder.

That’s right folks.. Mulder was previously known as Sullivan Biddle from Tennessee.

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