The Serpent

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Season 4 Episode 6 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

After a rather good run of episodes, it had to take a dip somewhere. Which is what we see when Mulder and Scully are on the case when a bunch of patients keep dying at a plastic surgery. The doctors are the ones killing them, but don’t know why or how.. they just seemed to be possessed. Naturally, there’s a cult reference – in this case the pentagram can be found at each crime scene, and one of the attending nurses seems to be practising witchcraft.

Fortunately, Mulder puts some words of the wise in and reminds the majority of it’s stupid American viewers that the Pagan Pentagram is not a devil sign, but rather used to represent protection summed from the natural forces of nature. However.. it does touch on the typical media view of all Pagan’s are witches and warlocks which kind of pissed me off. Pretty much nothing of interest happened in this episode, No gun moments, not lovely moments, Scully didn’t even get kidnapped. However they did witness a woman barfing up a load of pins… which is kinda strange, but she could have just swallowed them, so we wont include it as ‘paranormal activity they’ve actually witnessed’.

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