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Season 4 Episode 10 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 1

Now would usually be the time we get a break from decent episodes and spin off into something rather pointless, but Chris keeps the good old plots running when we see Agent Mulder and Scully on the case which Mulder investigated many years ago. I do like the serial killer\CSI themes that we’ve seen more of in season’s 3 onwards – and this one is no exception.

It starts with Mulder having a dream about the location of a body… which turns out to be true. This is paranormal in itself but somehow Mulder accepts Scully’s explanation of repressed memories a little too easily. He recalls the MO of the crime in a case he worked on during 1990, in which a killer would kidnap little girls, and kill them – leaving a heart cut out of their clothing in the chest area. It’s only when they realise there are more bodies then first thought that Mulder goes to speak to the bad guy who’s serving life in prison. Because Mulder had to get into this guys head to profile him, it seems something strange has happened which has allowed the killer to do the same.

The killer knows intimate details of Samantha’s kidnapping, and during a restless night, Mulder doesn’t see aliens in the doorway.. but the killer. From that point on the killer spends his time convincing Mulder he’s killed Samantha. This naturally leads to Mulder punching him while in custody, which we already know makes Skinner’s job a lot harder. I’m only left with the question of how Mulder still has a job when he takes the convict out of prison, back to his home so the killer can walk him through the events of the night in question, November 22nd 1973. Only to find he has another dream in which he finds Samantha alive an well – but wakes to find himself handcuffed, the killer gone and on the search for a little girl to butcher, and using Mulder’s credentials.

Being the great guy he is, Mulder tracks down the killer yet again and slows his head off. Scully determines using the fabric recovered of the last victim that it couldn’t be Samantha, but Mulder isn’t 100% sure. Which leaves us wondering… are all those clones he saw just a load of crap? Was she killed by this freak? Or is she still out there?

Either way, Mulder and Scully share a nice little cuddle at the end when Scully recommends he get some sleep.

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