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El Mundo Gira

Season 4 Episode 11 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

Now we leave the crazy conspiracy theories but still sticking to the theme of aliens, Chris Carter likes to throw in a few messages between the lines sometimes, this episode is a fine example. What do you get if you cross an illegal migrant worker and an alien? An Illegal Alien! This episode is based on a small little migrant worker village that ends up seeing some weird stuff. Notably the flash of light, the hot yellow rain, and poor Maria’s eyes and face burnt to shreds. Mulder suspects aliens were involved but Scully’s being a little more open minded this time, thinking some strange virus may be involved. She takes a sample of the body, and what do you know? It’s covered in a material she cannot identify.. it’s beyond this world.

Still, that doesn’t do it for Scully’s beliefs and the pair go in search of the only survivor who seems to be killing people with every touch, and also transforming into what looks like an alien. Though we never actually see the transformation take place fully (he does start to look a little weird though). Nothing more really to say about this episode except the Spanish word for alien legends ‘Chupacabra’ sounds suspiciously like ‘El Chupanibre’ from Futurama :P

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