The Serpent

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Leonard Betts

Season 4 Episode 12 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

It’s been a while since our beloved Agents went on the chase for a freak of nature. Well in this episode we see a few interesting things… as well as one major plot development. Scully and Mulder start with a dead body… who gets up, leaves the morgue and heads home.. only without his head. No problem really since he’s able to grow a new one.

His old head has been left on Scully’s autopsy table to find out what’s going on with him, when she witnesses the detached head blink, and it’s mouth open and close slowly. Slightly freaked out, she orders more tests – only to find the man who supposedly died was basically made of Cancer – he literately is the cancer man. Mulder manages to put two and two together, realising that Cancer is simply a case of cells being mutated and rapidly growing. That’s our dead guy seems to keep getting back up and growing new limbs whenever needed. He also feeds on tumours to keep him alive… gross.

Still, they have a gun moment when chasing him, and find a dead guy with his cancerous lungs removed and eaten. We also see Scully do some kick ass action when trapped in an ambulance with the walking tumour. She manages to get a few kicks in and defibrillate his head – all in the name of self defence! However why did he attack her, he only eats tumours from people…? She has something he wants.

Incredibly freaked out, she asks Mulder to take her home – to which she wakes during the night coughing, and bleeding from the nose. This is the first reference in the X-Files to Scully’s Cancer.

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