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Tempus Fugit

Season 4 Episode 17 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

(Two part episode; part 1)
\r\nRemember Max? He went missing quite a while back after getting involved with a crashed UFO in the forest.. well this time, he’s back with more interesting stories of where he’s been. Turns out it’s Scully’s birthday and Mulder gets her an Apollo 11 keyring… for some reason. Still they enjoy a nice drink together in a bar in Washington only to be interrupted by Max’s sister saying he’s been trying to get something to Mulder – only to be killed in an air crash. From that point on, it’s conspiracies all around when the agents try to find out what happened. The Military lies and Mulder formulates his own plan – basically saying that Max was abducted in mid air, and shortly after the UFO was shot down by a stealth – taking the commercial plane with it. Mulder’s theory turns out to have some weight when he finds a second crash site… complete with alien dead body deep at the bottom of the lake. Oh yeah – Agent Pedrell gets shot!

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