The Serpent

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Season 4 Episode 18 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

(Two part episode; part 2)
\r\nPart 2, simply called ‘Max’ see’s Mulder get kidnapped and arrested by the Military again only to be bailed out by Scully… again. Though they’ve never really been closer to the truth before. The Military are pressured into taking responsibility for the downed plane – making up some excuse which covers it nicely. Meanwhile, Mulder goes back to Max’s tailor to find out what it was he was carrying. Scully finds the answers in the form of some mad woman who pretended to be Max’s sister – the part he was carrying was alien technology!

Mulder tracks down the third and final piece, but runs into a rather shady character that probably works for the Military or the company who researches the alien technology – either way, on their way back to Washington, the flight gets intercepted and Mulder witnesses the cabin fill with white light, the door open and the man disappear, only to loose 9 minutes of time afterwards and have no recollection why.

With nothing more to do – they two reflect on their experience, Scully gets a little upset when Agent Pedrell – they geeky lab tech who’s had a crush on her since day one dies. But takes comfort in the fact that the Apollo 11 key chain is a symbol of perseverance, and teamwork that is required to make things possible… Mulder on the other hand just thought it was a cool key chain.

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