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Small Potatoes

Season 4 Episode 20 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 1

Now for a rather cool episode with a familiar theme. It starts with a bunch of babies being born with tails.. The parents are too sure why, but turns out the Janitor managed to get his way with all the women by pretending to be their husbands. Due to a genetic defect, he was born with a tail, hence why all the kids had tails, but he had one extra ability… he could shape shift.

Mulder works this theory out when the bad guy becomes a cop and walks out the station… yet Scully is sceptical. Mulder rightfully explains they’ve seen this behaviour before (the bounty hunter… when Scully was talking to Mulder on the phone while standing at the door) but still she refuses to believe.

Naturally, you’d have fun with this ability and his idea of fun was pretending to be all the women’s husbands and knocked them up. It was only until they were born with tails did it give it away. However things get rather confusing when he meets Mulder, jumps on him and locks him in the basement while he steals not only Mulder’s face – but his life. After a few practice runs in front of the mirror whipping the badge and gun out… he makes a move on Scully.

Now Scully has no idea the man she just let into her apartment isn’t Mulder, but still allows ‘Mulder’ to dine her with wine, and spill all her childhood secrets.</span>

Scully is a little perplexed to begin with… but opens up to ‘Mulder’. That is.. until he makes a move to kiss her. Scully doesn’t resist, she closes her eyes and lets Mulder move closer… Just as their lips are about to meet… Mulder bursts through the door.

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