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Zero Sum

Season 4 Episode 21 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

Killer bees are back! This episode sees a host of conspiracies and crimes when we start with Skinner up to some very bad things. Some woman dies in a bathroom, stung to death by bees. Skinner, under the cover of darkness cleans up the scene and gets rid of the body… only to find that Mulder is putting to pieces together. However things get bad when Skinner uses Mulder’s identity to bluff his way into the crime scene and a detective turns up dead moments later.

Skinner’s gun was used and Mulder uses CCTV to determine Skinner was there! Things couldn’t get much worse until we find out that Skinner was carrying out the clean up as requested by.. the smoking man. The reason being – a cure for Scully. (Remember, Skinner said to Mulder he should find another way to save Scully.. without invoking the Smoking man), however in this episode, Skinner admits to not following his own advice). While loosing patients with Smoking man, probably due to the fact he killed the innocent detective using Skinners gun, he goes on a quest to find out if Smoking man really will help Scully.

By this time, Mulder has fingered Skinner for the murder and their friendship and trust is tested once again when Mulder draws his gun on Skinner. Skinner convinces Mulder he’s been set up – and the two then go about proving it all. Luck finds them in the form of a dead scientist (I really should have kept a scientist body count!), who Skinner approached to help identify the bees. Turns out, these people are dying not from bee stings… but smallpox! A disease that has no existed for years. Skinner and Mulder’s guess… Someone is engineering the bees to carry this deadly virus. Mulder then turns to his weird female aid in the UN (who’s name I can never quite catch so we’ll just call her UN girl), she helps Skinner track the parcels the first bee’s arrived in, with no luck.

Smoking man tests Skinner when he tells him there is no way out, and he’s basically become his whipping boy – with that Skinner puts 3 bullets into the wall behind Smoking man… and walks out. Smoking answers the ringing phone to report on the update…. to UN girl! That’s right.. they are in cahoots. Though pretty much all of Mulder’s sauces are.

No Scully in this episode, she’s been in the hospital all this time suffering from Cancer. This episode was dedicated to “Vito J. Pileggi”, most likely a member of “Mitch Pileggi’s” family, the guy who plays Skinner.

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