The Serpent

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Season 4 Episode 22 Paranormal Movements: 2 Love Moments: 0

Ghosts are back in fashion when people start seeing apparitions of dead people moments after their death around a small town. Mulder pieces together the possibility that all the people seeing these visions are people close to death themselves, while Scully takes the more scientific path that the mental guy with pictures and detailed knowledge of the victims bowling scores and shoe sizes is more likely the killer. Who do you think was right? That’s right, Mulder works it out.

However, it’s not till Scully has an apparition of a dead woman standing in front of her in the bathroom doe she realise just how back her Cancer really is (she then continues on to bleed all over someone’s medical records), so back to the councillor for Scully it is. She talks of how Mulder has always been a continued source of strength and that she keeps working, not for Mulder, but for herself. Things get hard when Mulder questions just how well she really is, and that she better be telling the truth about her situation – because if she’s not.. she’s working against him.

Still she gets attacked in a bathroom by some mental health worker, and finds the real killer. When she’s alone in her car at the end, she sheds a few tears, and sees yet another apparition of the dead mental guy.

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