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Season 4 Episode 24 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

And so we come to the end of Season 4. It’s been an adventure, but things are certainly progressing nicely. This season final starts with the text “Believe the lie”, and we start with Agent Scully identifying a body in Mulder’s apartment.. who’s body – we are unsure at this time. The episode seems to follow the theme of it’s text introduction rather well.

At first we see Scully spending some time with the family, and her brother Bill who’ve we’ve never met before. He seems to be some sort of Navy captain. However Scully’s dinner turns into a bit of an intervention when Mrs Scully invites the local rev round to try and get Scully to reinstate her faith. Despite Scully wearing her cross, she informs him she has enough strength and just doesn’t feel she needs to come running back to the church now, however – an interruption comes in the form of a phone call from Mulder. He’s heard about a body found frozen deep within a mountain which could well be alien.

Scepticism comes from both agents when the man feeding them this information has a reputation for being involved in hoaxes in the past, but that doesn’t stop Mulder going on a expedition to the Mountain to see for himself. On arrival he finds the explorers dead and the body missing – the usual signs of a cover up. Scully also runs into some trouble when she gets lobed down a flight of stairs by someone stealing samples of the ice the body was found in. She manages to track down the man who works for the Department of Defence who wants to tell Scully and Mulder a story they’ve never considered before (well, one Mulder’s never considered before).

Before returning from the mountain – he manages to find the body was hidden before it could have been taken away. On returning to a lab, they perform a autopsy which reveals the body isn’t quite human, but can’t be proven to be alien until further tests are done. It’s not until the unknown man tells his story that we see Mulder’s mood change. He claims that for years, ever since the Korean war – the government has been creating hoaxes to fool people, discrediting them in the process. Even Mulder – who was invented by the same people who gave Scully her Cancer, was fed this mis-information over the last four years to discredit his work, and Scully’s illness a way of making him seek the truth even more… only to be led down a different path. Mulder doesn’t believe him, only to find that the body has been taken away – and everyone know knew about it dead – again. With nothing left, and no idea weather he’s just been ‘believing the lie’, or weather they are indeed keeping him from the truth, he goes home.. watches TV and sheds a tear.

Scully’s last line of her report to a committee are the details of the body she identified. With wide, weeping eyes, she states “Agent Mulder died late last night, from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.”

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