The Serpent

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Season 5 Episode 4 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

Now that we’ve had massive developments in the main plot of the X Files, it’s time to move away from conspiracies and back to weird freaks in the Woods. We start with Scully and Mulder on their way to some team building weekend the Bureau have made them go on. They come across some kind of crime scene near the woods and Mulder is looking for any excuse to get out of the car and goes to help the local investigator. However on discovering no bodies and strange tracks – he puts his theories together and checks into a motel.

Now we see Scully and Mulder in the woods getting lost chasing some kind of invisible man. Things get weirder when the guy from Road Trip turns up to lend a hand (the crazy cult leader\teachers associate guy), he leads them through the woods with an infra-red camera which sees the weird man, but not in the flesh. Mulder gets close when he sees the strange outline of the man with glowing red eyes running away from him, his body being completely transparent. Scully then sees the same man, and her gun moment is when she attempts to shoot it.

However no crazy ‘moth man’ is found (which is what Mulder believes this thing is), and they end up falling in a hole, only to find the bodies, get rescued by other FBI guys and all is well.

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