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The Post-modern Prometheus

Season 5 Episode 5 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 1

Time for a little class in an X Files episode now which see’s Chris Carter trying out his hand at creating a rather 50’s style Frankenstein type episode.

For a start, this episode is shot entirely in black and white, and although the episode is supposed to be present day – it has a rather 1950’s American feel to it. Mulder and Scully set off to a little hick town to find some monster that’s going round impregnating women. They manage to get the case because the first victim heard about Mulder on the Jerry Springer show. This episode includes shots of the Jerry Springer show made especially for the X Files, and Jerry is credited at the end.

Still, back to the monster – At first, the evidence points to some genetic mutant, which then turns out it all may be a hoax. When asked if Mulder believes it’s a monster, because he believes in aliens, he responds “I’m not really sure if I believe all that stuff any more”. Hmmm. Still, long story shot – they find out it’s a monster created by some sort of mad scientist, which proves just how ‘Frankenstein’ this episode is. There’s the mad scientist, the monster, the bad shifty journalist, and the bad weather effects. All done deliberately we’re sure.

Still, the town find where the monsters hiding and head down with fire on sticks and pitch forks to say hello, only to listen to his story of loneliness and abandonment and they learn to love it. So the mad scientist pays for his crimes, and Mulder does the only thing he can think of – take the monster out to see Cher perform live (Though they splashed out for Jerry Springer, looks like Cher was too expensive). Naturally he enjoys himself and the episode ends on a really happy ending for everyone.. Mega cheese ey?

Still, we see a rather intimate slow dance between Mulder and Scully while the freak is off dancing with Cher.

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