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Christmas Carol

Season 5 Episode 6 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

Don’t you think that most of the time it seems Mulder is in the limelight? Well not this time! It’s all about Scully when we approach Christmas time, and Scully’s spending time with what little family she has left.

Bill and his knocked up wife are playing house when Scully gets a call… addressed to her by name, from an unknown woman asking for help.. the voice of which sounds strikingly like Melissa. Naturally she traces the call to find a dead woman – who died before the call was made, and a poor weeping husband and kid – who also looks strikingly like Melissa did when she was young.

Things are starting to look a little weird now when she gets another phone call – one of which the phone company has no record of being made. Mummy Scully and Bill are stating to get a little uneasy with Scully’s persistence in the apparent suicide case of this dead woman – but she uncovers evidence that the husband did it. Then, with no warning the husband dies in his cell – two unknown men are seen leaving, the same two men checking up on Scully when she was at the murder scene. When Scully orders test on the kid to see what’s going on with her – she uncovers a 60% chance that Emily (the kid) is Melissa’s daughter.

We also learn that during Scully’s abduction and as a result of her Crazy Cancer, she’s now unable to have children – it’s not until she lost the ability to squeeze one out, that she realizes how much she wants one. Which lead her to attempting to adopt Melissa. Scully starts remembering her childhood where she was given her gold cross by Mummy Scully on Christmas Eve – Melissa getting exactly the same. However Scully gives her cross to Emily – believing she is Melissa’s daughter that they never knew about.

Things get even more confusing on Christmas day when the final results of the DNA tests on Emily come back – Emily is not Melissa’s daughter… but Scully’s.

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