The Serpent

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Season 5 Episode 8 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

Guess who’s back in this episode. Robert Modell escapes prison only to try and save a sister no one knew he had. Robert was the evil killer from the episode ‘Pusher’ back in season 4. He could influence people’s mind and make them see what he wanted. He managed to get Mulder sitting at a table with him playing Russian Roulette after calling him an worth adversary.

Well now he’s back – slightly weaker since Mulder shot him in the head, but he escapes prison, only to be playing a different game. Instead of killing law enforcement officers, he’s trying to protect his sister by warning Mulder not to play her games, and leads him straight to her – however things get bad for Mulder when she tricks him into holding a gun on Scully, it’s Skinner who puts a bullet in Roberts shoulder when he tries to take the fall for his sisters wrong doings.

Mulder manages to wrap this one up a lot easier then before – but still feels like he’s lost the game of mind tricks and misreadings. Scully has her gun moment of shooting the evil sister over Mulder’s shoulder. Shutting her up for the time being.

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