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Bad Blood

Season 5 Episode 12 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

Vampires are back in fashion in this rather tongue in cheek episode that made me laugh quite a bit.

We get a good insight into Mulder and Scully’s working relationship when the start of the episode see’s Mulder hunt down and kill what he believes to be a vampire. Only to have it turn out to be an 18 year old pizza delivery guy with false fangs. Things look quite bad so the agents go over their own version of events. Scully goes first when her story of the day which see’s Mulder as a pushy, selfish man. She also falls in love with a local Texan sheriff (Only visually of course, they don’t really get much time together).

Mulder’s version of events see him in a caring, considerate light – while Sully is being rather grumpy and short with him. It’s an interesting twist to the episode too. Lucky for Mulder, the body goes missing and they catch up with the ‘dead vampire’ later on (in which Mulder gives Scully some time alone with the sheriff).

Mulder locates him in a town only to find the entire town seem to be in on it – looking at the sleeping kid, his eyes open and Mulder sees two green glowing eyes looking at him. Scully on the other hand gets drugged and we don’t quite know what happens. The entire town of trailers up and leave and are never seen again.

Overall a funny episode which takes a break from the norm but also lets us see just what the two agents think of each other.

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