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Paitent X

Season 5 Episode 13 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

Now we’ve had a break, and a good chuckle, it’s time to get serious. It’s funny to think that we can go from a funny, unrelated episode straight into the seriousness of the X-Files conspiracies, and the threat of aliens on earth, yet here we are.

We begin with Mulder giving a chat about the non-existence of aliens, and that abductees are merely the result of a major government lie. Not quite the Mulder we are used to. Still that doesn’t stop one armed Krycek coming back! We see him in Russia – in that same place Mulder got kidnapped and exposed to the black oil. Only this time, he meets weird UN woman there to, not intentionally of course.

Krycek steals the only surviving person found at a scene full of burnt bodies – the same of which happens at Skyland Mountain, the place where Scully was abducted. The survivor has his eyes and mouth stitched shut, the first indication of this. Still Mulder is having non of it until he’s introduced to Cassandra Spender. A multiple abductee who likes being taken. She claims to have intimate knowledge of the aliens plans. Her son, Agent Spender is also introduced as the man who doesn’t believe his mothers tales, and doesn’t really want Mulder spreading his influence around.

We also note that Krycek attempts to make a deal with the security council members (well manicured man) in exchange for the black oil vaccine. Weird UN woman happens to find Krycek and make out with him, only to steal the kid – get infected with the black oil and become well manicured man’s test subject for the vaccine. It’s role reversal time when Scully mentions to Mulder that he shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Cassandra’s claims.

In search for some more ‘truth’, Scully goes to visit Cassandra and tracks her down to a bridge full of people. Where she witness a triangular shaped object silently fly over head, with lights all over it. Then… men with no eyes or mouths come out, and attempt to burn everyone. End of part one.

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