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The Red And The Black

Season 5 Episode 14 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

A hell of a lot to explain for this part which explains more about what’s going on then before. We start with the slightly different text of “Resist or Serve”, quite unusual since this isn’t a season final.

So far we know that Krycek took the witness from Russia because he was a vaccine to the black oil. He intentionally infected him so that anyone who tries to get the information out of him will become infected too, as did weird UN woman. Scully has no memory of what happened on the bridge but hypnosis shows Mulder exactly what we saw. However with his new lost faith in UFO’s, he dismisses this as dreams. The security council put the pieces together when they learn of a crashed aircraft that contains one rebel alien – a man with no eyes or mouth – to prevent infection of the black oil. They consider making allies with them because it could provide a means of resistance – against colonization. That’s right people! Aliens plan to take over the world in 15 years, using the black oil as a means to kill us off.

However now that they know the Russians developed a vaccine which Krycek stole, and that these ‘rebel aliens’ are here to help.. we might have a fighting chance. Mulder breaks down in tears when he jumps on a truck leaving an airbase where the rebel alien crashed (information that he got from his old chum Krycek). But when before being intercepted by the military, he witnesses a bright light coming over the truck, a rebel alien with no face float into the back and attempt to kill the bounty hunter who was about to kill the other crashed alien rebel (!?), everything goes white, and we fade out.

Just when things couldn’t get even more confusing, Agent Spender is seen speaking to Skinner, asking about his mother, with no new information he leaves, being stopped by the mail man who gives him a red letter. It’s a letter he doesn’t want, knowing the sender is in Quebec, Canada, he returns its unopened.

Who should receive his letter back and weep for the fact that Agent Spender – his son… didn’t want to hear from him…? Cigarette Smoking Man!

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