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All Souls

Season 5 Episode 17 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

Mulder becomes Scully’s sidekick in this rather crap episode where divine intervention takes place and Scully witnesses a lot of crazy crap. It seems some priest is going round killing 16 year old girls by somehow burning there eyes out.

Scully gets handed the case unintentionally by her own priest when she actually visits church for a change. However, the entire episode is based in a confession box, where Scully just feels she’s got to get all this of her chest.

Still when she’s doing an autopsy she notices that the girls happen to have strange like bone joints at the top of their shoulders… call me crazy – but they just so happened to look like wings! Things get even more confusing when the woman on the table turns into Emily – Scully’s illegitimate kid that died earlier in the season. Then, to top it off, after finding the last child who is doomed for death, she witnesses a man with four faces looking at her, strange tentacles on the head of some guys shadow (who plays the security guy from 24.. Erin something), and a massive white light calls the girl to her.

It’s worth putting this all in blue because no matter how daft and cliché it all was… Scully did witness it all. So technically, in the X-Files world – god exists. Mulder does make a guest appearance in this episode, but only briefly to offer Scully sound, logical advice and evidence… a total role reversal especially since Mulder believes they should be looking for a freaky religious nut rather then god’s messengers.

However Scully has to confess her sins that she let the girl (who turned into Emily again) walk into the light… freeing her soul – but in the real work… killing her. Poor Scully.

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