The Serpent

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The Pine Bluff Variant

Season 5 Episode 18 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

Mulder gets involved in some good old fashioned FBI work next when he goes deep undercover to infiltrate a terrorist organization bent on world domination.

We see Mulder helping the bad guys in a sting operation which Scully also notices, and when questioning Mulder she gets blanked. But it’s not until Skinner and the CIA dude pull her to one side she learns he’s actually deep within the group, learning about what they hope to achieve. Scully does some investigating of her own and learns that the bio-toxin the group are using to kill people wasn’t made in Russia like the CIA said. But rather in the United States. This leads to a whole world on conspiracies when Mulder gets his little pinky broken to test his faith, and when he passes, the second in command of the terrorist group (Sergeant Spangler from Malcolm in the middle) tells him to come along on a bank heist.

So we see Mulder dressed as Dracula holding up a bank – with a tough decision he’s told to kill someone, which he luckily escapes since his weapon could be traced. However he doesn’t manage to save the man. All that seems rather insignificant when instead of taking the money, they spray it with the bio-toxin instead. Mulder manages to live, escape and return to the bank here the CIA man proves there is no bio-toxin.

Mulder and Scully put the pieces together and realise there was no threat – it was all staged, and the American people were the test subjects.

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