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Folie A Ddeux

Season 5 Episode 19 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

Mulder nearly gets attacked by a massive bug next when what seems like a typical guy who’s popped his top goes insane and takes his colleagues hostage at a telemarketing company. Mulder manages to talk to the guy for a while, while the FBI plot a surprise entrance through the canteen wall.

However when learning of the mad man’s reasons (his boss is actually a giant bug that can turn people into zombies), Mulder looks over in the dark at the boss being taken hostage.. only to see a massive bug like thing look back at him. When the FBI burst in, they kill the insane guy and everyone’s happy. Apart from Mulder who puts the pieces together that the boss has been in the same place as other employees who have gone mad claiming they see monsters, all within the last 10 years he’s worked there.

So Mulder follows the boss man around only to witness it bite someone’s neck, turn them into a zombie state and run away. As a result (which basically looks like breaking and entering), Mulder gets committed! Perhaps the stress has got to him finally after these few years. Anyway, since he’s in bed with his arms tied down, he can’t protect himself from the giant bug that’s come to get him. Scully figures out he’s in danger when the nurse looks a little zombie like, and shoots the intruder out of the room. She doesn’t quite make out what it is. Still it lives and sets up elsewhere.

Quite an interesting episode that may have a hidden message to all the zombie like people in dead end jobs out there. In what seems like a textbook case of severe paranoia – it turns out the thing could actually be real. True X-Files style!

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