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Season 6 Episode 2 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

Now that we’ve had a good few episodes and the odd movie, it’s time to get back to good old strange stories. This next episode certainly puts the X in X-Files, and features cover up’s, and strange experiments. It all starts when we see Mulder and Scully assigned to their new unit – domestic terrorism.

They basically go and investigate people buying large quantities of potentially lethal stuff, however usually turn out to be legit reasons. While attending such a crap job, Mulder notices the strange death of a woman on the news, and contacts the local police offering assistance. Despite Scully’s initial objections, they head out Nevada and investigate.

Turns out the DOD did something wrong and sent an electrical pulse out to a couple, causing them to require constant movement or their heads explode. Mulder manages to get himself taken hostage by Crump, the guy who plays Hal in ‘Malcolm In The Middle’, and is forced to drive for miles, otherwise boom. Scully is the hero when she figures it all out and as they are driving to save him, it’s too late and crump dies.

After returning back to Washington, we see Kersh’s first real speech when he reels off the expensive the agents have racked up during this episode. He offers no advice one way or the other, and basically treats them as though they are on a tight leash, while Mulder treats him like crap and walks out.

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