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Season 6 Episode 3 Paranormal Movements: 2 Love Moments: 2

It’s strange that only now has the X-Files made an episode involving the Bermuda Triangle, but that’s exactly what we get in this crazy episode that see’s the cast and crew have a bit of fun for 45 minutes.

Instead of the usual ‘Truth’ line at the beginning we get ‘DIE WAHRHEIT LST IRGENDWO DA DRAUßEN’, and it starts off with Mulder floating in the water, looking quite dead, only to be fished out by a bunch of British servicemen dressed as though they are in world war 2. Mulder can’t quite believe what he’s seeing and hearing when everyone turns out to be thinking it’s 1939 and the war is very much still on. Despite his keenness to let them go to Germany, he seeks help from the local radio. However no one replies, except the British Prime Minister’s broadcast declaring war on Germany.

Mulder’s second ‘Oh shhhi’ (the first being in the movie) comes out as he now realises he’s possibly trapped in some sort of time warp where everything still resides in 1939. Things get even more confusing when Agent Spender walks into the captains lounge of the Queen Anne – a British luxury liner that went missing many years ago. Mulder smacks him, takes his Nazi uniform and attempts to figure out what’s going on. It’s in the ball room he see’s Scully dancing with an unknown man, who later turns out to be a scientist travelling to America to invent the atom bomb.

Scully doesn’t recognise Mulder – but does recognise the Nazi uniform and gets a little upset, it’s then Mulder is captured and taken away to see the chief fuhrer guy… Not Hitler – but… The Smoking man! Mulder gets questioned in German and the Queen Anne’s captain shot dead. Meanwhile, back in 1998 – The Lone Gunmen have gotten wind of Mulder’s plans, noticing the ship suddenly appearing on radar, Scully goes in search of the answers and needs information, which she goes to Skinner for. Unable to help she franticly runs around FBI central looking for someone to help her locate this ship, finally, she turns to Kersh – who’s in a meeting with Smoking man… suddenly he’s out of Skinners office and into Kersh’s… Kersh takes the information given by the Lone Gunmen and she’s left with nothing… until she visits Agent Spender and threatens him with his life. Only to find out Spender’s gone straight to Kersh.

Smoking man believes he’s talking to Diana when Scully hears that he knows of her plans to go save Mulder. Meanwhile Skinner has pulled through for Scully and given her the details she needs.. is here when we see just how grateful Scully is by giving Skinner a great big kiss on the lips! Though I’ll note it wasn’t a passionate one… just a thank you of course.

Now Mulder is still trying to figure out what’s going on, and realises things are much bigger then just stuck in a time warp – The scientist on board is the Nazi’s target as they question the crew and passengers. Mulder attempts to bluff his way out of giving up the man (which he doesn’t know who it is), by claiming the scientist is dead – Scully steps in to correct him and state she’s the scientist.

Finally the real scientist gives himself up and is taken away… just as the crew attack and attempt to retake the ship. 1998 Scully and the Lone Gunmen have managed to find the Queen Anne and find nothing on board but a ghost ship, while Mulder runs away with Scully from the war going on throughout the ship. It’s here when Mulder realises he cannot stay on-board, if the Germans really have got hold of the bomb, he way have inadvertently altered the future and knows he must leave immediately. With his last look at Scully he says “In case we never meet again”, pulls her close to him and kisses her right on the lips! After the initial shock of what just happened… 1939 version of Scully smacks Mulder right across the face. He then jumps into the water, only to wake up in hospital with 1998 Scully looking at him.

With no real clear memory of why he’s in hospital he begins to remember finding the ship, and re-tells his strange series of events to Scully, who corrects him stating the boat was merely a ghost ship. As she walks out the room he calls her back, and says ‘I love you’. Scully rolls her eyes and walks out the room.

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