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Dreamland II

Season 6 Episode 5 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

So Mulder’s being accused for leaking secrets at Area 51 – only it’s not Mulder, it’s Morris, the cover up guy. Still, Scully starts to suspect something is wrong with the Mulder she see’s and attempts to figure out the truth.

Meanwhile, Mulder is released due to the DOD’s stupidity, and he goes in search of his answers. It’s a good episode, but not a lot to write about. Some very strange events occur as Scully drives past a gas station which was burned to the ground, only to find it’s perfectly normal again. She lures the current Mulder into bed with the promise of kinky handcuff fun only to cuff him and call his bluff. Morris admits what’s happened but doesn’t want to change things, he’s happy inhabiting Mulder’s life.

In fact we get a glimpse of Mulder’s porn stash if you look closely! Scully forces him back to where the problem began, and like ‘an elastic band’, the strange series of events caused by the new propulsion engine are snapping back into normality, As they arrive back where they started, Mulder becomes Mulder again and no one has any recollection of what happened.

I suppose between these two episodes, we can’t really claim Scully and Mulder witnessed these events since they were all erased, but we’ll mention it anyway.

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