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How The Ghosts Stole Christmas

Season 6 Episode 6 Paranormal Movements: 2 Love Moments: 1

Christmas time settles in and it’s back to good old fashioned ghosts going berserk in the next episode. We truly learn just how lonely Mulder’s life is when he’s staking out an old house on Christmas Eve. Scully turns up at his request only to inform Mulder she has wrapping to do, family to see, dinner to help prepare etc etc, But Mulder still wants to spend his Christmas Eve looking for ghosts – which reportedly come out once a year on Christmas Eve.

When Scully’s keys go missing, and Mulder heads into the house to take a quick look, things get weird as the pair see themselves running around a house that defies the laws of physics. Doors keep moving, furniture moves and disappears, and the odd brick wall keeps appearing in doorways they’ve just been though. They even discover two bodies under the floor that look exactly like the two agents, only to have them disappear once again.

Eventually they meet the previous owners of the house, who attempt to convince Scully and Mulder that all this is in their heads, and people keep coming round to see ghosts etc, its only when Scully sees the gunshot hole through the stomach and bullet hole in the man’s head does she faint. Mulder also see’s books flying off the shelf when the woman ghost tells the story of their lovers pack\murder\suicide. Eventually the ghosts take over Mulder’s actions and make Scully believe he’s shooting at her, she finally takes a bullet wound to the stomach, as Mulder discovers her, Scully shoots Mulder in the chest and the two of them rile around in agony on the floor. It’s not until they are heading for the exit does Mulder realise it’s all in his head and he stands, they both walk out the house only to be blood-free and as healthy as when they walked in.

Upon returning home, Mulder spends the night watching Scrooge on TV – a true testament to his loneliness when Scully knocks on the door. Stating she can’t sleep and that she’s unsure about what just happened, hoping it was all in her head, Mulder pulls out a gift he got Scully, despite them saying they weren’t going to exchange gifts.

Scully happens to have one too, and the pair sit on the sofa as the snow falls, each unwrapping their gift from one another.</span>

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