The Serpent

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Terms Of Endearment

Season 6 Episode 7 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

We take a bit of a dip now and spin off to evil demon children when a local sheriff approaches Spender in Mulder’s old office asking for help about what looks like a baby abduction, despite the fact the mother dreaming of the devil taking it moments earlier. Spender promises to look at it as a priority, only to shred it once the sheriff leaves the room.

Good old trusty Mulder is still keeping an eye on his life’s work when he goes to visit the Sheriff with the shredded X-File taped back together. The rest of the episode see’s Mulder investigating why the husband seems to always be around when babies go missing, turns out he keeps getting lumbered with demon children, and one woman happens to fight against it, steal the kid and run away…

I was pretty tired during this one so admittedly didn’t pay that much attention, however nothing really interested me apart from the first 10 minutes.

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