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The Rain King

Season 6 Episode 8 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

Off to a small town in Kansas next where Mulder takes Scully out to investigate a man who claims to be able to make it rain on demand, and the whole town thinks he’s intentionally causing a drought to make money. Scully naturally suspects strange weather patterns in the area until they go see his show at a small farm.

However things get even weirder when one of the local girls falls for him, and he learns that the weatherman is the one who’s indirectly controlling the weather – his emotions are the cause. It’s pretty strange that Mulder and Scully actually manage to solve this case, despite Mulder witnessing a cow being picked up by a localised tornado, and tossed though his motel roof, nearly killing him. But they work on the problem by getting the weatherman to confess his feelings to the local girl, and after which – all is well.

They even offer a little advice to Mulder and Scully, when Scully convinces the girl that some of the best relationships usually come from decent friendships – the weatherman suggests Mulder kiss Scully to see what he’s missing.

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