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Agua Mala

Season 6 Episode 13 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

I’ll never understand how the X-Files can go from such a massive plot involving alien takeovers and conspiracies.. to some weird creature living in the water in Florida. I don’t know how Scully and Mulder could get on with their day to day routine knowing the world is about to end, but that’s exactly what they do in this next episode.

At Arthur Dales request – the man who started investigating the X-Files many years ago, they head out to Florida during hurricane season to see what’s killing people around water. Mulder and Scully don’t really find anything concrete until they get stuck in an apartment block to ride out the storm, the typical pregnant woman, the guy with the hart of gold, the theft and the freak ex-vet are all there, but Mulder manages to get struck by the creature, which uses a tentacle out of the roof to strangle him. Scully has to deliver a baby, all during a tornado, with a gun to her head… Still she impresses Arthur who states if he had someone as enchanting as Scully to work with, he may have never had quit the X-Files.

Long story short we never find out what the weird octopus like thing is, and everything end peachy (except for the local deputy).

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