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Season 6 Episode 14 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

Sometimes it just seems that X-Files find Mulder, rather then him having to go looking for trouble. This next episode is a mini Groundhog Day classic, which see’s Mulder reliving the same day over and over again – although he’s not aware of it.

It starts with Mulder waking up and basically having a rubbish Monday, his water bed leaks, he’s late for a meeting, and he’s in the bank when it gets blown up. Only one girl who he passes every day seems to try and warn him, though the outcome always ends in Mulder and Scully being blown up. A few times round, after Mulder and Scully ponder about why Mulder has a water bed (Remember the events in the episode Dreamland were erased from Mulder and Scully’s memory), the girl makes a breakthrough and Mulder, suffering from massive Deja vu takes steps to avoid the explosion.

Unfortunately the girl dies after he bank robbing boyfriend shoots her instead of Mulder and the week continues happily into Tuesday.

One interesting point about this episode is that when the loop is broken and Mulder wakes up on Tuesday, he’s sleeping on the sofa, and since while they were in the loop it’s the only time they’ve mentioned the water bed (which we know was purchased by alternate Mulder in Dreamland), perhaps the loop they were in was an alternative universe where Mulder has his water bed back… Hmmm. We can only find out if the water bed is mentioned again.

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