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Season 6 Episode 16 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

A crazy dog is the star of this next episode which I couldn’t watch all at once since it’s late and my dog kept having fits at the TV screen every time the freaky animal came on screen.

Though it starts with two men found dead, inside the locked cage the animal was in – and it’s locked from the outside. It amazes me that Scully still refuses to believe Mulder’s theory, considering the uncanny accuracy of his predictions, but never the less, she still refuses to believe it’s an X-File. That is until Mulder investigates.

Now my dogs gone to bed, we can begin. What starts by looking like a rather vicious dog going about tow and killing people gets slightly more confusing when Mulder and Scully realize this could be some sort of ware-wolf type thing which only comes out at night – by day it’s some scientist, the guy who actually claims to have caught the creature.

Still Mulder gets help from some girl he met online, a women who knows a lot about animals. Scully seems to believe there might be something going on between them, and indeed the woman likes Mulder, but Mulder doesn’t reciprocate. He does however have an impression on her when Scull notices the famous ‘I Want to believe’ poster in her office.

Still all things must come to an end and the ware-wolf guy dies while trying to kill the woman. Alls well that ends well, and Mulder receives the poster in the post – placing it back where it used to be.

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