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Season 6 Episode 22 Paranormal Movements: 2 Love Moments: 0

And now, we reach the end of Season 6. Instead of a cryptic, custom tag line, we get the usual “truth” message, but that doesn’t mean this episode is without conspiracies and paranormal phenomena.

It starts with an artefact being discovered off the coast of west Africa, and taken to a university in Washington for analysis. However before it gets to the right scientist, he is killed and it goes missing. Mulder and Scully are assigned the task of figuring out what’s going on. Not a lot gets confirmed in this episode, and all they have to go on is a drawing on the artefact, which seems to cause Mulder great pain whenever he is near it.

While attempting to unravel it’s mysteries which point to a theory of humanity being aliens who were brought to this planet through the birth of time, Mulder begins to sense things, and feels that he is being blocked by Skinner. Mulder’s right when we see the conversation between Mulder, Scully and Skinner has been recorded by Skinner, the tape is handed over to… Krycek! Scully finds a small part of the artefact which is part of a larger puzzle. When it’s placed on the surface, it begins to spin rapidly of it’s own accord. A rather freaked out Scully stops it by slamming her hand on it. As Mulder is following one of the suspects in the original scientists murder, he falls to the floor in the stairwell. Next thing we know he’s in bed at home being looked after by Diana. After he’s speaks with Scully on the phone, Diana gets undressed and heads into Mulder’s bedroom.

Scully then realises they are being watched via a camera in their office, and the scientist calls with new information about what the markings on the artefact mean – he claims they are a map of the human genome, and all our DNA structure revealed. Just then, Scully gets a call saying Mulder’s been committed. On arriving at hospital, she see’s Mulder babbling and shouting. He’s gone insane!

Now Diana has ulterior motives when we see her on the phone updating someone on Mulder’s condition. She seems to side Scully when Skinner accidentally slips that he received a report Scully never sent. Diana explained Mulder called her there, Scully calls them both liars and storms off. Suddenly the scientist is shot by Krycek and he sides with the evil Scientist attempting to cover up the artefacts. Scully goes to Africa and discovers another part of the puzzle, which seems to be connected to a much rather strange looking structure under the beach.

Mulder’s doctor is trying to figure out what’s going on, and although they can’t find anything physically wrong with him, they detect brain activity that’s never been seen in humans before.</span>

End of part 1.

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