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The Sixth Extinction

Season 7 Episode 1 Paranormal Movements: 2 Love Moments: 0

We start season 7 with Scully in west Africa trying to understand the thing she’s found underwater. It seems to be some kind of craft covered in symbols which translate to readings from the bible, scientific genome information and passages from the Koran.

Strange things happen to Scully when it seems some biblical events try to prevent her from investigating any further. First a swarm of locust attack her, then the sea turns to blood, and finally a strange African man who’s been haunting her throughout the episode touches her head and warns her to stay away.

Meanwhile Skinner goes to see Mulder who ends up attacking him. It’s not till Skinner leaves that he notices a note slipped to him from Mulder, simply asking for help. Skinner returns and although Mulder cannot speak or move much, he writes a name on Skinners hand; Michael Kritschgau.

Skinner goes to see Michael (DOD guy from end of season 4\season 5 who convinced Mulder for a time that there’s nothing going on and it’s all a load of crap). Once Kritschgau sees Mulder’s states he instantly recognises it from his CIA days.

Claiming that Mulder has developed ‘remote viewing’ abilities. Similar to that of telepathy, Mulder is able to predict with 100% accuracy when a series of random images are about to appear. So Skinner and Kritschgau go about drugging Mulder up on something which is known to reverse the effects, all without his doctors knowing.

Meanwhile Scully returns home after things get too weird, and wants to see Mulder. Diana pops in to tell Mulder she loves him, and that she knows Mulder’s cottoned on about her working with CGB Spender. Things take a turn for the worse when Skinner and Kritschgau try to get Mulder out of the hospital, but the drug treatment they’ve been slipping him goes bad and they are found out.

Diana has Skinner prevented from seeing him, and Kritschgau is taken away. End of part 2!

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