The Serpent

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Season 7 Episode 3 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

After a slight panic with a damaged X-Files DVD (Thanks Amazon!) we now have Season 7 Disc one back in action. Mulder and Scully have gone further away from the mysteries of life to look for some kind of freak who can’t stop eating.

This episode is played from the eyes of the killer who works at a fast food restaurant and Mulder and Scully pop in to say hello. Scully still sides with the most logical choice but Mulder knows best and is on to the killer. It’s not till they find him pinning his therapist against the wall do they run in and shoot him, though Scully gets a little freaked out considering the guy has no ears, hair, pupils and a giant tongue capable of stabbing through a skull.

Still instead of getting on the floor and being arrested like all the other freaks Mulder and Scully have caught, he’s shot dead by Mulder.

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