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Season 7 Episode 4 Paranormal Movements: 2 Love Moments: 1

So now we come to the end of the century in the X-Files. It’s been 7 years and we’ve reached the millennium which sees some zombies, the end of the word and the odd kiss.

It starts when some retired FBI agents get dug up from their grave only to be brought back to life and attempt to become the apocalypse horsemen with a little help from the dad from Donnie Darko. Mulder (as usual) works this out and they set about finding the guy.

Scully heads to the morgue on a tip that he may return, only to be attacked by a dead, zombie like sheriff that came back to life.</span> She admits to Skinner that she can’t even begin to offer an explanation – but that’s nothing compared to what Mulder gets.

He finds himself locked in a basement surrounded by three dead zombie like bodies attempting to eat him. Protected only by the circle of salt he made, Mulder and his friend shoot their way to freedom, with Scully offering the last shot to save them.</span> Slightly confused and afraid, they slowly realise they’ve prevented the end of the world.

Quite a feet for two people! When all’s well that ends well, the two of them bring in the new year in hospital, watching the globe count down on television, at the turn of the millennium, Mulder moves in and kisses Scully on the lips. The two are locked in for a few seconds (no tongue!), and they wish each other happy new year.

That’s right people – if we take this episode seriously – Mulder and Scully actually prevent the end of the world.

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