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Sein Und Ziet

Season 7 Episode 10 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 1

Anyway, after enough faffing around with religion and human freaks it’s time to get back to some good old fashioned X-Files (oh how often I say that!). Mulder learns of a case where a little white suburban girl has gone missing.

So naturally the FBI and president himself are looking under rocks, beds, curtains etc to find her. Mulder takes an interest in this case because he can relate to it (through Samantha). The girl, called Amber-Lynn LaPierre went missing under similar circumstances to Samantha, with one difference – A note was found explaining she’d been kidnapped, and the words ‘No one shoots at Santa Claus’ at the end. There was no demand, no ransom, no indication they would ever see her again. Since there was a lack of evidence suggesting kidnap, everyone except Mulder starts pointing at the parents.

They later find out the mother wrote the note, but Mulder looks through his treasure chest X-File cabinet to find a case 10 years ago, which also featured a missing kid who was never found and a note containing the same strange phrase about fatty Christmas. The mother is serving time in prison and tells Mulder she can’t explain why she also wrote the note, it was just happening to her, and she still sees visions of her child and knows he was taken by ‘them’ to protect them, and they are living amongst the start light.

Scully gets a little pissed off and so does Skinner, when he doesn’t particularly impress the other agents working on the case. Mulder also gets a call from mummy Mulder – who seems to be a little disturbed about this case which she learnt about through the News, she begins burning pictures of Mulder and Samantha and asks Mulder to speak to him, since she’s got some things she needs to tell him which she never could before. Then, suddenly, Scully gives Mulder the news… Mummy Mulder is dead! They instantly head to the vineyard to find the evidence overwhelming in what looks like a suicide. Mulder thinks she was murdered to keep her from telling him the truth about Samantha – but Scully’s autopsy finds no foul play (that’s right, Scully did autopsy Mulder’s mum!).

With that, we see Mulder get angry at his desk, and break into tears – feeling guilty for not returning her calls when she wanted to speak, and Scully holds Mulder while he balls it all out.

Meanwhile, the mother from the recent ‘abduction’ case tells Mulder she can see visions too. Mulder seems to have lost all interest and requests that Skinner take him off the case, and that he would like time off. On the way home Scully notices a Santa Village nearby and they investigate – only to find video tape collections from the 60’s of little kids, the most recent one being Amber-Lynn LaPierre.

Suddenly Skinner spots a fat man running away, they give chase and apprehend him in a small wooded area… complete with loads of little home made graves. End of part 1.

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