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Season 7 Episode 12 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

Since the X-Files was pretty much founded on Samantha, it makes sense to take a little break when we finally learn of her faith. This next episode is all about that.

It starts with a warning telling us it’s a special version of the X-Files and viewer discretion is advised. Then the rest plays out through the lens of the ‘Cops’ cameraman as the Los Angeles Police Department track a strange killer stalking a crumby neighbourhood. Mulder and Scully just happen to be nearby tracking the same thing and everyone works together. Scully’s not immediately happy with cameras everywhere but Mulder see’s it as a chance to show their work to the world. He gets Skinner’s approval on the basis the ‘FBI have nothing to hide’, and they begin chasing it.

Mulder puts his theory out there – that this thing kills by knowing peoples worst nightmare, and the for the rest of the night that seems to fit. Only one local sheriff see’s the thing, which can take many forms including Freddy Kruger, a wasp-man, and a ware-wolf, but eventually as the day breaks and the full moon fades, everything returns to normal.

Yet another unsolved X-Files which leaves Mulder looking rather strange in the public eye and Scully camera shy. A great episode written to dry the tears from the previous one.

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