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First Person Shooter

Season 7 Episode 13 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

I think it’s the third time computers have gone insane since the X-Files started. This time round some company called FPS (or First Person Shooter) creates virtual reality which.. surprise surprise.. goes berserk.

Mulder and Scully turn up to investigate the death of a player who was shot during the game, but no weapon can be found. The computer simply shows a woman pulling out a gun and killing him. The Lone Gunmen are there to lend there support, but manage to get stuck in the game along with Mulder. All of a sudden, the game ends and Mulder is nowhere to be seen. Seems like Mulder manages to get converted to electrons and disappears out of the game space.

Still, Scully finds him when he briefly returns and the rest of the episode focuses on how hard it is for women to get by in a man’s world and Scully takes on the psycho bitch character in a fierce Unreal Tournament style battle.

Langley and his friends beat the kill switch code out of the women techie who made the character and all are turned to planet Earth. No harm done!

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