The Serpent

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Season 7 Episode 16 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

What looks like typical work for Mulder and Scully becomes an X-File when they are working on a stake out.

But when a district Judge’s daughter dies – Mulder’s gotta go and investigate. Seems like people are dying in a small town and there’s always a raven nearby. Mulder spends the rest of the time staying at the sheriff’s house only to suspect the sheriff, then finds out it’s his wife. Scully occasionally phones up to give Mulder death threats for leaving her on a crappy assignment.

Mulder later tracks down the killer who has two faces – the everyday pretty housewife, and the not so nice psycho killer who attempts to drown Mulder in the bath with her big long hands and massive claws – after seeing herself in the mirror she changes back to normal. A rather crap episode.

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