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Season 7 Episode 17 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

The X-Files goes a little soapy on us now as we learn a little more about Scully’s past – and her life changes dramatically as she ponders the paths we all take in life.

Starts with Mulder telling her about crop circles, to which Scully isn’t interested at all. He’s booked them tickets to England for an investigation, but after Scully reels off a hundred reasons why investigating crop circles is a waste of time, Mulder cancels her ticket and goes alone.

Scully heads over to the hospital to finish up on some previous work when a mix up gives her the wrong results ,and she learns that an old friend – Dr Daniel Waterston is in the hospital dying. When she pops in to visit, it’s immediately clear there’s some history between them, the daughter instantly takes a dislike to this man.

We eventually find out that she’s his old Medical teacher, and the two had a bit of a thing a while ago – he later goes on to explain he moved to Washington ten years ago just for Scully, leaving his family behind. The daughter believes Scully is a home wrecker! They talk for a while and some strange stuff happens to Scully including a woman she notices around town, who almost causes her a car crash and whom she follows into a Buddhist temple where she prays, and see’s a vision of Daniel waking up from his coma he went into after Scully attempted to save his life while flat lining. Without going into the details of their previous history, it seems Daniel is a little annoyed that Scully turned down a career in medicine for the FBI.

Finally, Scully sees this strange person again, approaches only to see it’s Mulder, they head back to his, drink tea and ponder the big questions all night. Scully falls asleep no Mulder who gives her a blanket, and heads to bed… alone. Quite a touching episode with some rather nice music.

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