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Hollywood A.D

Season 7 Episode 19 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

Chris Carter tries his hand at Hollywood next when it seems Skinners old friend from college comes back to get some assistance with a new project.

He’s a writer\producer interested in making a new zombies meets the FBI type film and Skinner happily suggests that he observe Mulder on a case. The case isn’t massively important (except to Mulder). Some explosion occurred in the crypt of a church and someone dies. However strange things happen when the movie producer witnesses bones dancing, and Scully’s autopsy body asks for it’s lung back when she’s finished.. only to appear back on the bed, as dead as before. Mulder doesn’t witness anything but for some reason gets pulled of the case when a rather mad Skinner finds out the dead guy is actually alive and well and they’ve miss-ID’ed a body.

So with 4 weeks to spare – they head over to the movie studio to see their movie being produced. Unfortunately, Richard Gere isn’t playing the part of Mulder as he wanted, and he even gives details to the actor about ‘dressing to the left’. Meanwhile, Scully teaches her actress how to run in heals.

The movie’s made and everyone heads to the première. The typical ending of ‘Mulder’ confessing his love to ‘Scully’ is seen, and Mulder storms out. However ‘Scully’ confesses to loving ‘Skinner’. Everyone apart from Mulder finds this funny, and Scully and Mulder go out to the set and have a chat – though not about love (he only says the words “They got it all wrong Scully”, he’s upset that their work and their lives will be seen as a joke, and the real people who have been affected in their cases will be forgotten.

A rather touching episode, but it does end with zombies dancing in the moonlight.

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