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Fight Club

Season 7 Episode 20 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

Troublesome twins up next when we briefly see that Mulder and Scully each have twins! Also working in the FBI and investigating small time unusual cases in the Kansas City field office.

They go to investigate a possible racial crime when they start to beat each other up for no reason. Mulder and Scully start investigating and are struck by their similarities. But all is forgotten when they meet two twins who despite trying to stay apart for 12 years, just can’t help live the same life.

Finally they both fall in love with a poor wrestler who’s getting rather confused. However there is a twist with these two women. Whenever they meet face to face, strange things happen. Mulder finds this out when he’s standing between their glares across the road only to get sucked into a storm drain for a few hours.

Then they meet up at the wrestling match and cause the entire place to riot. Scully attempts to explain the phenomena but can’t, and all that comes out of this episode is a black eye for Scully, and a few teeth missing and stitches for Mulder.

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