The Serpent

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Je Souhaite

Season 7 Episode 21 Paranormal Movements: 2 Love Moments: 0

Next we take some giant leaps forward in the strange things Scully and Mulder witness. It starts with Scully getting her first and only autopsy of the day – only the body is invisible. Yes, quite literately invisible. She has to dust it with yellow powder to see it.

Quite amazed and shocked, she explains to Mulder that out of all the 7 years, this takes the biscuit. We also know from the beginning that the body is in fact invisible after the man discovered a Genie wrapped in a carpet while clearing an old storage supply. However it seems the wishes don’t work out very well – not through the Genie’s fault, but rather humankind’s complete stupidity.

After the first guy wishes for invisibility and gets hit by a car, the Genie passes over to his brother, who wishes for his dead brother back. Unfortunately for Scully, she’s just brought half the Scientific minds in America to see her discovery only to find the body gone. Then after a rather freak explosion when the dead\alive brother accidentally blows their house up, Mulder gets the Genie (which he discovered in pictures with Mussolini and Nixon). Mulder’s first wish is for peace on earth… so quite literately he becomes the only man on Earth. After looking around the deserted streets of Washington and heading into Skinners office to find no one at FBI central – he asks to reverse it.

With two wishes down and one to go, Mulder isn’t sure what to wish for next. He does the most noble thing he can think of and being Mulder, he wishes for the Genie to be free after she expressed dislike for her 500 year long job.

A rather far out episode with a couple of very funny moments (man on bike… hehe).

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