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Season 7 Episode 22 Paranormal Movements: 2 Love Moments: 2

It’s that time again to reach the end of a season, and now we’ve come to the end of season 7. Normally we have a lot more to go on but season 7 has been filled with one-off random episodes.

We do know the smoking man is in the picture again, and he’s got something to hide. We start with seeing the return of the good old fashioned green blooded aliens in much the same manner as Episode 1 season 1. Mulder and Scully are under review from finance regarding the expenditures they’ve racked up, and Mulder gets a little angry with the auditor.

But that’s all small potatoes when Billy Miles – the main kid from the very first episode calls up to say that the abductions are happening again, but not to him. Scully and Mulder decide to go waste some money and head out to see what’s the matter. The sheriff and Billy, (who’s now a deputy), head out to where Mulder drew his very first red ‘X’ on the road, marking where they lost time. They find nothing of interest except another deputy is missing.

After checking into a hotel, Scully pops into Mulder’s after complaining of feeling ill. Mulder lets her have the bed and comforts her, while also suggesting she heads home. He’s thinking that maybe the FBI were right, and the personal costs are the costs that are too high and that it has to end sometime.. He gives her a little kiss on the cheek while stroking her head to sleep.

On heading back to the woods during the day, Scully gets knocked back by an unknown force. However things are about to heat up when we learn Krycek has been slumming it up in a Tunisian prison for the last year and has been released by UN woman, they both head over to see Smoking man who isn’t looking too good and is confined to a wheelchair. He also smokes through a hole in his neck. He says to Krycek that a UFO crashed in Oregon, and they have a chance to rebuild everything once again.

In Oregon however the missing deputy comes home, only to take his wife, Theresa Nemman Hoese (who was also in the very first episode) and Billy and his farther go missing all at once.. but not before we see the father become an alien bounty hunter. It’s all looking rather complicated and the agents come home. Skinner pays a visit to Mulder’s office only to bring two unexpected visitors… Krycek and UN woman! Mulder instantly speaks the usual death threats to Krycek but Krycek explains he has to listen. Smoking man is dying and he wants to rebuild the project, however Krycek wants to see the smoking man dead.

I never thought I’d see the day when Mulder, Scully, Skinner, UN Woman, Krycek and the Lone Gunmen are all round a table attempting to find a crashed UFO in Oregon that’s hidden by an energy cloaking shield. Scully walks out the room closely followed by Mulder. He says she should walk away since they are targeting abductees and since Scully has a past of being kidnapped, he’s not going to risk loosing her. They hug again and she whispers that she wont let him go alone.

The gang head back to Oregon and Mulder and Skinner head to the woods, while Scully looks over Billy Miles, and the other abductees medical records. She notices that they all experienced more then average brain patterns, which was exactly the same thing Mulder went through at the beginning of the season when he went insane.

Together with the Lone Gunmen, they conclude she was knocked back in the woods because they didn’t want Scully, they wanted Mulder. Skinner and Mulder attempt to find the ship, only for Mulder to place his hand past where light seemingly stops and see it shake violently, he steps forward to see all the abduction victims standing in a beam of light, he steps forward, looks up to see a space craft, and with that… he’s gone. Skinner watches as the ship rises, and flies off over his head, whispering Mulder’s name.

Krycek and UN woman return to see Smoking man who tells them they failed. Krycek takes control of his wheelchair, and as he did to Bill Mulder… throws Smoking man down the stairs. Scully collapses while in the motel room and is taken to hospital.

As Skinner goes to visit, he has a hard time explaining that he lost Mulder, to which Scully states…… and she’s having a hard time explaining or even believing it…. that she’s pregnant!

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