The Serpent

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Season 8 Episode 2 Paranormal Movements: 2 Love Moments: 0

We start where we left off, Mulder’s on the cliff edge with Gibson and Doggett thinks his works over, when instead of giving up, Mulder backs onto the cliff and wilfully falls to the ground. After getting to the bottom, Mulder’s gone. Doggett is slightly confused about what he’s just witnessed, and Scully offers the most sensible explanation, one she’s quite sure Doggett doesn’t want to hear.

However we see a side to Doggett that just wants to know the truth – and Scully explains it was an alien bounty hunter who was mimicking Mulder. Doggett doesn’t disregard this but doesn’t accept it either. Meanwhile, Scully finds Gibson hidden away in a shelter with his deaf friend. Gibson senses two things; Mulder’s closeness and the aliens intentions to take him away. Scully assures Gibson that her and Skinner will protect him (yeah right!), and they head off the the hospital while Scully looks around the desert just in case Mulder turns up.

Little does she know that she’s standing mere yards from the cloaked space craft when Doggett flies in to take Scully back. Scully works out that Doggett knew about Gibson and Skinner going to the hospital and knows Gibson is in trouble. When they all head to the hospital they find Skinner and Gibson gone. While searching, Scully finds Skinner, at the same time, Doggett finds Skinner unconsciousness and hidden in the roof space.

The evil Skinner then manages to launch Scully into some cabinets but not before she gets a shot off, which causes the alien to revert bad to scary German guy, and green blood ooze from his wounds until he finally dissolves. Doggett arrives just in time to miss everything and that’s the end of that.

Doggett hands in his report to Kersh who isn’t best pleased – especially when Doggett points out that it sounds remarkably like an X-File. Skinner warned Doggett earlier on that he’s being used and that Kersh knows the truth but only set Doggett up to fail knowing he wont use words such as aliens and UFO’s.

With Doggett calling Kersh’s bluff – Doggett officially gets assigned to the X-Files.

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