The Serpent

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Season 8 Episode 3 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

And so we come to the beginning of the new X-Files. Doggett and Scully are heading to Idaho to solve their first case – some dead people who were bitten to death by a giant bat. Scully decides to leave Mulder’s name tag on his desk and advices Doggett that they are simply ‘borrowing’ Mulder’s office for a while. We get to see how Doggett takes on ‘homicide’ cases, much in the same way you’d expect any good cop to, however Scully manages to upset local law enforcement by taking Mulder’s approach and thinking up the least most plausible answer.

She’s right when she identifies the creature as some sort of man\bat. Doggett gets an easy break into the X-Files in the form of a newspaper article which details the capturing of such a creature many years ago, however only gets to truly believe it when he gets attacked by the flying bat like thing in a swamp. Scully and Doggett both manage to shoot the thing but it makes off.

Unaware of weather they’ve killed it or not, the village idiot warns them that now it has their scent…. it won’t rest till their dead.

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