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Via Negativa

Season 8 Episode 7 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

Perhaps fans were still not convinced about this new Doggett guy. So Chris Carter whips up an episode that takes him on a completely hallucinogenic trip and changes his hard Marine Core personality into a UFO loving hippy like Mulder.

Scully doesn’t make much of an appearance in this episode, and it’s clear from the start it’s all about Doggett, so she spends most of the time in the hospital with ‘acute abdominal pain’. Doggett investigates the deaths of a couple of agents and an entire cult with the help of Skinner, only to find that the leader has evolved to a higher state of conciousness and can contact people through their dreams. Long story short, the guy ends up in a coma… but Doggett thinks he’s been affected somehow.

After walking into Skinners office to ask if he’s actually awake, Doggett grows a third eye in his forehead and goes to murder Scully with an axe – only to be woken by Scully.

I’m sure there’s some actual paranormal events here but it’s hard to pinpoint. Although it was a dream, based on the victims at the beginning of the episode, it seems whatever happens in their dreams becomes true… so Doggett actually going to kill Scully would have happened.

A rather disappointing episode in conclusion.

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